Folding bike

A folding bike or folding bicycle is a small bicycle, which is equipped with hinges and joints. These ensure that the already small bicycle can be folded/folded to a handy packing size with little effort. The folding mechanism often looks like that you can fold the top tube as well as the handlebar tube. Additionally the saddle can be retracted.

Normally a folding bike can be folded in about 20 seconds. Of course this requires a little practice at the beginning, but you learn this very quickly. A folding bike is usually the model of the 60s. The modern versions, however, are called folding bikes. We at Leon Cycle GmbH, rely exclusively on the modern version!


Handy bikes in 20 inch format

Especially for commuters, folding bikes are an optimal mobility option. They can take their folding bike with them on the bus or train, usually at no cost. Another possibility is to take your bike with you on holiday. For example, a folding bike fits into the motorhome and even into almost any trunk. In addition, the bikes offer a good driving experience due to the often low centre of gravity and have a manoeuvrability that is second to none. Normally these bikes have a wheel size of 20", which is also the size of the models in our webshop.

An electric folding bike or E folding bike is a folding bike that is equipped with an electronic system that supports the driver. This system consists of motor, battery, display and controller. It is important that the driver is only supported, meaning that he has to pedal to activate the motor. This happens up to a speed of 25 km/h, so it is a pedelec for which an insurance or helmet is mandatory. The big advantage of an electric folding bike is that you can easily increase its range or make it easier to ride. Of course you have to consider that it is still a folding bike, and therefore the comfort is different from that of a trekking bike, but especially on camping holidays, the E-folding bike is ideal for small to medium tours.


What should you pay attention to when buying?

When buying an electric folding bike, the following things are important:

·       Range (battery capacity)

·       Brakes

·       Frame type

The probably biggest difference is the different battery capacity. For example, electric folding wheels are offered here with 288 Wh, like the NCM Lyon, but also with up to 684 Wh, like the NCM London+. This can make a range difference of up to 90 km and is therefore very relevant.

There are also significant differences in the choice of brake type. For example, a hydraulic disc brake usually grips better than a mechanical disc brake and is also less maintenance-intensive.

When choosing the frame type, personal preference is the most important factor. We offer the model NCM Paris, which has a very low entry. 

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