E-Mountainbikes - Bicycle without limit

For people who love adventure and also like to get off the road, the mountain bike has been the perfect bike for over four decades. No matter whether there is a steep ascent or the ground consists of rough stones, the MTB is always the right choice. The only excuse that has been used for a long time was "I can't do it anymore", but this is no longer valid since the technology of electronic support. Where otherwise one had to capitulate, now an electric drive helps to bring the e-mountain bike over every mountain. In short, the riding pleasure increases and the tours know no limits.


What is an e-bike?

An e-bike is a largely normal bicycle that is driven by an electric motor. The energy required for this is provided by a powerful battery. This applies equally to all variants, from the e-mountain bike to the e-cruiser. The term e-bike can also be subdivided into pedelec and s-pedelec. The pedelec supports the pedalling rider up to a top speed of up to 25 km/h. An S-pedelec usually has the possibility to propel the e-bike without pedalling. A maximum speed of 45 km/h is also possible.


E-Mountainbikes - The full electric mobility

A frequently asked question is what exactly makes an e-mountain bike, e-mTB or pedelec MTB. In general, three features should be taken into account when compared to a conventional, non-motorized mountain bike


·       more power

·       greater robustness

·       heavier weight


These three differences result from the electronics, which consists of the main components motor, battery, display and controller. The motor provides the necessary power, which is needed to master ascents or longer distances. This released power, demands from the manufacturers that also the frame and design are made for a higher robustness of the E-MTB. If these two features are added together, the logical consequence is the higher weight of an E-Mountainbike.


E-MTB Fully - No mountain too high

The term Fully Mountain Bike, results from a full suspension of the bicycle. This means there is not only a suspension at the front fork, but also at the rear. This variant of the mountain bike finds further advantages in the motorization. The reason for this is that there is usually a loss of power transmission due to the suspension at the rear. The electric motor helps to overcome this problem and supports the rider when climbing mountains.


Hardtail mountain bike - The all-rounder

As a Hardtrail mountain bike, one understands models, which have a suspension fork in front and a rigid rear end. As with conventional Hardtrail mountain bikes, the power transmission remains optimal with an electric motor. This type of e-mountainbike is suitable for almost all types of tours, whether off-road or commuting. So the fun on tarred roads but also on medium terrain does not come too short.

Possible applications for your e-mountain bike

In general, it can be said that e-mountain bikes are suitable for every area of riding. Thanks to the engine you can easily ride through the forest or up the next mountain. Furthermore, the E-MTB makes it possible for untrained bikers to master demanding tours.

By the switchable engine you can exactly divide the power. For example, you can ride without assistance until you reach the top of the hill and switch it on comfortably at the beginning of the hill.


What is the right thing?

If you decide on an e-mountain bike, you are spoilt for choice. Basically we offer 5 different models, which are perfectly suited for every use. Here is a preview of the selection:


NCM Prague - The beginner E-MTB

NCM Moscow- Our bestseller

NCM Moscow Plus - Top value for money



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