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E-Trekking / E-City

Trekking E-Bike - Nature is yours

What is required of a trekking e-bike? As a rule, it is about high endurance and resilience. No matter whether you are going on a weekend bike tour or a planned bike trip, the electric motor provides reliable support and also increases the range. You also benefit from an extremely stable frame and robust luggage carriers. So the next level of cycling tours is not a big obstacle.


What makes an E-Trekking bike?

Trekking e-bikes are electric bikes that are specially designed for riding longer distances. The aim is to manage the balancing act between a city bike and a mountain bike and to combine the respective advantages such as agility or off-road capability. To achieve this, the reinforced frames, which resemble a city bike, are equipped with components that are otherwise only known on mountain bikes. Thus the following main characteristics for an e-trekking bike can be highlighted:

·       Very robust frames, hubs and wheels

·       Drivability from the road to light terrain

·       Very high load capacity

There is, however, one drawback to the lavish equipment of an e-trekking bike. This is the weight that is created by components such as the luggage rack, stable mudguards and the lighting system. However, this is balanced out because the electric motor easily moves the rider plus the bike from one place to another. Furthermore, this means no more annoying sweating on the next ascent, because a trekking e-bike helps reliably in almost every situation.


The most important thing? - The riding characteristics!

The frames of a trekking e-bike can be described as the sporty version of the city bikes and almost go in the direction of a road bike. In order to ensure a comfortable seating position and an upright seat, components such as saddle, handlebars and stem must be well coordinated. This way even the longest tours become a comfortable ride and therefore endurance is increased.


Typical materials and common technology

In order to increase torsional stiffness and damage resistance and at the same time not to create additional weight, most e-trekking bike manufacturers rely on high-quality aluminium for frame production.

At Leon Cycle GmbH, we deliberately rely on the Das-Kit and Bafang brands for the engine and battery. These convince by very high battery capacities up to 768 Wh. This is rarely seen on the market and can take the rider up to 150 km.


What to look out for when buying.

Before you decide to buy a trekking e-bike you should not forget to take a look at the indicated range. The "range" usually refers to the average distance that a full charge of the battery can be achieved. You have to keep in mind that if you want to do without the support, the range can also be significantly higher.


If you wish to increase the range even further, a replacement battery is a possibility. This can then be carried in the backpack for longer tours and exchanged if necessary.


For whom is a Trekking E-Bike perfectly suitable?

Family excursions by bike, weekend tours, bike trips - these are things that are perfectly suited for a trekking pedelec. By carrying a lot of luggage and the extremely comfortable seating position, cycling with an e-trekking bike has many advantages. You can identify yourself with it? Then don't wait any longer and get your new trekking e-bike.



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