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As a relatively young company, we are constantly striving to grow. Leon Cycle GmbH was founded 5 years ago. Since then we produce and sell E-Bikes and accessories. From the categories E-Mountainbike, E-Trekking, E-Citybike and E-Klapprad we offer a wide selection of different models, in different sizes and colors. Our models, which are named after European metropolises, are enjoying steadily growing popularity, which is among other things due to the outstanding range of our e-bike batteries, which at up to 150 kilometers is far above average. In addition to the battery, there are other components that distinguish the e-bike from a standard bicycle. Above all the electric motor. We differentiate between front and rear drive, as well as mid-engine. The different engines come with different modes of operation. We offer pedelecs with middle motor and pedelecs with rear drive. However, we also cover front motors with our e-bike conversion kits.
What are pedelecs?

Those who deal with e-bikes often come across the term pedelec in this country. Is a pedelec an electric bicycle? Or an electric bicycle? An electric bike or even an electric bicycle? An e-bike, e-bike, e-bike, e-bike, e-bike, e-bike, or e-bike? Different spellings lead to confusion, which is why we would like to limit ourselves to the spellings e-bike and electric bike. The meaning is the same in each of these cases. An e-bike, short for Electronic Bicycle or Electronic Bike, is, as the name suggests, an electronically operated bicycle, or also a bicycle with an auxiliary motor. Here the electric drive can be based on different modes of operation. In the case of a pedelec, motor support starts when the rider starts pedaling. This means that the driver always has to provide his own pedalling performance, which is also evident from the full word Pedal Electric Cycle. This distinction is particularly relevant for the reason that in Germany only pedelecs are permitted as bicycles in road traffic. Decisive features of a pedelec are, in addition to the pedelec power, a maximum attainable speed of 25km/h and a motor with a rated continuous power of up to 250 watts, whereby a so-called pushing aid is also permitted, which enables the driver to accelerate the bicycle by pure motor power up to 6km/h. The pedelec can be used as a bicycle with a maximum speed of 25km/h and a motor with a rated continuous power of up to 250 watts. These requirements are met by all our e-bikes without exception, which means that they are considered bicycles according to the law. This means that there is no need for a driving licence, licence plate or anything else to rediscover cycling on our e-bikes. The situation is different with the Speed Pedelec, but as we do not offer this for a given reason, it does not need to be discussed further. 

E-Bike? Do It Yourself! 

Whether you ride a mountain bike, a city bike, a ladies' bike or maybe even a tandem, with the right equipment we will also turn your bike into an electric bike. With an E-Bike conversion kit we offer you everything you need for your personal Do-It-Yourself-E-Bike. Ideal for hobbyists, nostalgics who don't want to buy a new bike, and individualists who don't want an "off-the-shelf" bike. Whether front, middle or rear engine, here you are the designer yourself.
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